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Concepts are presented to our customers for approval.

Solutions are designed.


Solutions are developed and presented to our customers for final approval.


The implementation project is documented and deployed to every layer in the organization.

Executive Summary 


Global Quality Systems Management and Monitoring Company Ltd (GQS) is a service provider dedicated to offering unprecedented quality training, consultancy, auditing, documentation and Implementation of management systems. It was established in 2008 as a division of the Mileview Group  of Management and incorporated as a stand-alone company in 2012. It was further converted into a Limited Company in the year 2015. GQMS professionals are also subcontracted by certification bodies such 
as SGS Kenya Limited, IMSM Kenya Limited and Zambia Certification International. It also has international affiliation to Certification International of ZambiaWhen your business carries a GMQS star rating, GMQS quality mark or endorsement, the symbol is working as a customer attractant on many levels. Joining GMQS is also a way to ensure your enterprise gets the vital input required to maintain or improve business performance..Informative 
GMQS System provides further information for consumers. For products for example, the consumer is able to see 1. Manufacturer Information (Brand Name, Legal Name, Contacts), 2. Origin of Product (Country of Production, Year of Production), 3. Base Materials (for recycling or health purposes), 4. Origin of Design (Country of Design, Year of Design, Designers Name or In-house), 5. A Picture of the product, 6. A Picture of the Package of the Product, 7. Logo of the Manufacturer, 8. The CQS attached to this product. 9. Optional area for product features, product manual, specifications, prospectus, metadata and description. For Services, the GQMS Quality Mark carries significant information such as: 1. The business states that it operates in an ethical and professional way. 2. Thanks to the star grade, you know in advance which type of business you are dealing with. 3. Business contact information is available. 4 You can provide feedback to this business. 5. You can report product or service related issues of this business through the GQMS.

Application Requirements
To apply for GQMS, you need to order the GQMS application kit and follow guidelines. However, before ordering the application kit and guidelines please ensure that your institution meets the following base criteria:

• Your products or services fully satisfy the national state standards,
• Your products or services are compatible with international standards,
• The products or services are economically effective,
• Parameters of quality are stable.
• Your products or services are documented to ensure sustainable quality,
• Your institution is ready to sign an affidavit which attests that your company has met all of the qualifications to become a GQMS quality holder company

Our Services

Global Quality Systems offers consultancy of various international standards (ISO) in training,
documentation and audits (systems & services). The company also deals with other consultancy services,
as listed below:-
• ISO 9001:2015 QMS, Quality Management Systems
• ISO 19011:2015, Guidelines for auditing management systems
• ISO/IEC 17025, Laboratory Accreditation.
• ISO/IEC 15189, Medical laboratories -Requirements for quality & competence
• ISO 14001, Environmental Management Systems
• 4801: 2001, Occupational Health and safety
• ISO 27001, Information Security Management Systems,
• ISO 18001, Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series,
• ISO/TS 29001:2007, QMS Technical specifications for petroleum, petrochemical

• ISO 22000:2005, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP),
• PAS 220, Publicly Available Specifications.
• BRC (British Retail Consortium) Food & IOP (Food Packaging).
• GMPs / Food Hygiene,
• Global Gap,
• NEMA Environmental Audits (EIA / EA)

Other Services

We do:-
•Clinical Skills Training.
•Capacity building and refresher training for health workers
•Training of Trainers for managers (TOT)
•Training for Facilitators (TOFT)
•Training community health workers.
•Development of curriculums for teaching health managers.
•Offer consultancies towards Laboratory Accreditation.
•Development of policy guidelines.
•Offer on- Job Training Support Supervision to first line health workers.
•Development of Laboratory Quality& Training Manuals.
•Development of strategic planning documents.
•Offer refresher courses for first line Health workers
•Calibration of equipments.
•Validation of reagents.
•Laboratory inspection
•Arrange Internship and practical attachments for foreign and local students.
•Training on Good Clinical Practice.
•Monitoring and evaluation.
•Security & Safety Management Systems
•Security Training
•IATA Training. 

With respect to Medical Skills Training, the Organization also indulges itself in various fields as
represented below.

(i) Management and importance of Antenatal profile
(ii) Good clinical practice
(iii) BSL2 and BSL3 ( For clinical Laboratories),
(iv) Counseling skill for HIV patients 
(v) Orientation to Biorisk Management
(vi) Laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity training
(vii) BSL2 Animal Facility Operations
(viii) Blood Safety training
(ix) Community health workers


Global Quality Systems is the best choice for your College since our practical approach focus on
identifying key business processes in:-
•Offering training services on management systems, e.g. sensitization training/awareness training,
  effective Procedure writing training and internal auditors training.
• Developing appropriate documentation of management systems.
• Implementing of documented systems.
• Identifying areas of improvement through audits.
Note: We have developed information resources that make it easy to understand quality
management systems in a broader way.


To avoid the above pitfalls while managing the ISO 9001 quality management system, or any other 
management system, Global Quality systems will offer the following services if contracted to do 

• Offer Technical Administration to the quality management system. 
This include:- 
Training both top management and operational staff. 
Continual review of the documented quality management system to ensure that
it is in line with the current company policy and operation processes. 
Supervise continual
implementation of the documented management system.
Monitor and measure the performance of the various departments and processes and submit the data to
the quality manager so as to advise the top management.
Support the internal audit team and technically review the results of internal audits 


There are five unique benefits of adapting GQMS Quality System when other quality schemas are considered. Adapting the GQMS bestows many benefits to companies: 1. GQMS helps companies to differentiate from other competing businesses through quality system assurance. 2. Implementing the GQMS provides an opportunity for companies to improve their quality through consumer feedbacks and insights. 3. The five levels of achievement (star ratings) provide an incremental approach to quality. 4. The GQMS is a respected quality seal verifiable by consumers, features security features which makes it harder to be copied. 5. GQMS features two distinct quality systems for services and products: ICS and QIS, and furthermore features specialized schemas which ensure that the quality system is more specialized and more relevant to the industry.

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