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GQMS is the leading quality management system developed for businesses who wish to communicate their qualities in a verifiable manner through concise quality statements and extended information and accessibility. The GMQS includes concise quality statements, extended information and associated data regarding businesses, products or services which could be looked up by consumers. 

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RELIABLE Methodologies

GMQS are markers of high-quality, and aim to help end-users and consumers during their purchase decisions. GMQS has a straightforward, multi-lingual, user-friendly approach to communicate qualities regarding a product, service or business.

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We offer business consulting services to IT providers are focused on helping technology vendors to react on market changes faster

OUR CRM Solutions

CRM is a business strategy with main objective to increase revenue, profitability and customers’ satisfaction, management.


Training seminars are designed to provide you with the latest thinking and innovations in each of these critically important process improvement tools.Technical training courses are delivered onsite to companies aiming for improved process performance.

QMS Development

Global Quality Systems consulting services in Africa, include six sigma consulting, problem solving coaching, ISO procedures developing, and system/process audits.

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The mission of Global Quality Systems is to offer consulting and training services that contribute to the business improvement at competitive prices.
We are  committed to exceed customer satisfaction with services that meet applicable requirements thru the continuous improvement process.

We meet our mission statement by following these policies:We offer accurate and updated information during our seminars.We ensure that our training programs have instructional value.We only hire experienced professionals that are fully accredited.

Our Commitment to Privacy
Global Quality Systems, Inc. values are integrity, innovation, and responsiveness. Integrity is important to build trust and trust is the foundation of any relationship. We apply the same integrity of our products and services to safeguard your personal information. Our privacy and security policies were developed to explain how Global Quality Systems protect your information and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used.
The Information We Collect
Surveys. On some pages you can download FREE presentations and courses and a survey form is required to be completed prior to download the file. 

Top Corporate Strategies

The values of Global Quality Systems are integrity, innovation, and responsiveness.
Honesty and fairness are essential to interact with our partners and customers.
Creativity and information technology are key factors embedded in our products and services.
Hard work and accessibility sustain our consistent response.

Data Analysis and Improvement
Problem statement
The problem statement objective is to organize the information that justifies the root cause analysis. During this stage the technical terminology plays a key role to ensure that all members of the problem solving team receive the same message.

The diagnosis task uncovers the root cause, not the precipitating or remote cause. In the cause-effect chain, we define precipitating causes as the causes usually closer to the effect and remote causes as the causes remotely responsible for the effect. The following example describes these concepts:“An explosion (precipitating cause) may have caused a fire (the effect). The gas leak that caused the explosion (a remote cause) was the result of a defective gas pipe (root cause), which was installed several years ago.”

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Human Resource Planning

HRP influences the analysis of expected staff supply and demand which are influenced by the expected future environment; internally and externally. 

Solution generation
This is the creative phase to develop several possible solutions. It is also a preventive task that contributes to avoid new problems. Once the best solution is selected, we will look at the system and thoroughly review its application to other processes.

We examine the results of the implementation to validate that the customer, technical, process, and product requirements are satisfactorily met.When the project is complete, your organization will have…A fully trained selected personnelInternal problem solving capabilityA profitable, permanent and practical solution

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QMS Development
Global Quality Systems consulting services in California, USA include six sigma consulting, problem solving coaching, ISO procedures developing, and system/process audits.

Global Quality Systems can support your process improvement projects by conducting customer centered data collection tools, preventive action activities, and statistical techniques. We offer customer tailored quality management consulting services in the electronics, software, automotive, aerospace, and telecommunications industries.

Clients seeking registration to ISO-9001, AS-9100, ISO-16949, or ISO 14001 should consider our comprehensive implementation model that includes the appropriate tools and training. If an improved management system is the goal, and registration simply a by-product, then let Global Quality Systems show you how to:

Maximize your organization’s potential
Improve your competitive edge by identifying and implementing best practices
Global Quality Systems believes that Management System development and implementation should be a shared learning experience. Our experience has confirmed that the most effective Management Systems are those that are built from the bottom up by knowledgeable process owners.

Global Quality management System
Is a consulting and training organization that specializes in;
Quality / Environmental Management Systems
Quality and Reliability Improvement Methodologies for the manufacturing and service industries since September 2008

Our Rating System
Unlike other quality management systems, GQMS provides a rating system for products and services so that consumers could make informed decisions during their purchases. Different quality levels could be achieved depending on the number of quality statements that a corporation could put forward for its products, services or itself. The achieved quality level is demonstrated at the quality certificates, quality badges, quality marks and quality logos through star ratings.

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